A Bit About Us

We are passionate about Classic Fiat 500’s and have been lovingly working with them for since 1965. Our knowledge is second to none. We are one of the leading European experts in the field.

Our work and attention to detail speaks for itself, we will simply do not compromise our service, cars or reputation with these cheeky and loveable Classic Fiat 500’s.

We tailor work to our customers needs, be it from a ground up total renovation, repairs, servicing, rental or showcases.  We offer pure and simple honest advice on sales and purchases, full pre-purchase checks and inspections.

Classic Fiat 500’s is what we do, the models are varied and to understand and recognise the difference from a classic Fiat 500N Series 1 or 2 to a 500D or a 500F, L, R and G. Variations from assorted Abarth’s, Giannini’s, Ghia’s, Lombardi’s, Steyre Puch’s, Autobianchi ‘s NSU and Simca, and others seems daunting.

We can demystify the many models to get a better picture. (link to be inserted) it can be confusing but simplicity is our key, you DO get what you pay for, not all Classic FIAT 500’s are an investment, so proceed with caution and get good advice!

classic fiat 500's outside our headquarters