Fiat 500 Personalisation!

Although the Fiat 500 is a pretty unique sight on Britains roads, for some this just isn’t enough…

We are able to offer a complete Fiat 500 personalisation service. Depending upon requirements this can mean many different things!

If you feel the need to stand out further, promote your business louder or just make people smile harder as you pass by then our personalisation services may be for you. Back of a classic Fiat 500 for personalisation

Pretty much anything goes and pretty much anything is do-able the main constraints tend to be: good taste and/or financial constraints.

Personalisation of the Fiat 500 is very popular as it allows you to take an icon Italian design classic and add your own stamp of individuality.

So if you have always had a yearning desire for a tartan Fiat 500 or believe that your cinquecento should be shocking pink with white spots just let us know.

Example Fiat 500 Personalisation:

Coming soon…

For any Fiat 500 personalisation, please get in touch with us either through the contact form or via

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